Where Should I Buy My PC Parts?

Where can I buy computer parts in stores?

Local retail storesBestBuy.FRYS.COM.Micro Center.Staples.Office Depot / OfficeMax.Walmart and Sam’s Club.Target..

Should I buy PC parts from Best Buy?

Yes . Doing a quick spot check, however, reveals that their prices are usually 5–10% higher than NewEgg, Amazon, and Fry’s Electronics. The benefit of buying from Best Buy would be their much easier returns in-store if a component is DOA or if you were sitting on a Gift Card for there.

Is it OK to buy used PC parts?

Used parts aren’t all good and likely aren’t covered by warranty. While used components can be a good catch, there are certain components that should always be purchased new. Namely the motherboard, power supply, and hard drives (including SSDs).

What is the best time to buy PC parts?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are arguably the best time to buy PC components. This is especially true now with pre-Black Friday sales and the similar. More and more often, large retailers run sales for long periods of time, sometimes all the way from Halloween to the new year.

Where is the cheapest place to buy PC parts?

You can find discount PC parts on several sites, be that second-hand, refurbished, or an unbranded Chinese import.Best for Refurbished Computer Parts: eBay. … Best for Cheap End-of-Season Clearance Sales: Newegg. … Best for Huge CPU Discounts: Micro Center. … Best for Cheap-ish RAM, General Discount PC Parts: Amazon.More items…•

Can you buy PC parts at Walmart?

Build the personal computer system of your dreams. … If, however, you have experience and the know-how for building a better, faster and more powerful PC than you could get from the factory, Walmart has all the components you need to make your dream PC a reality.