Quick Answer: Why Is It Called T1 11?

Can you install t1 11 horizontal?

Originally, T-1-11 siding was made from standard A-C plywood with a “textured” face ply (thus the T symbol in its name) and grooves cut into the plywood along the 8′ length.

Installing the siding with the grooves vertical or horizontal doesn’t matter with the inner plies plugged.

Moisture cannot enter the siding..

Is t1 11 siding treated?

T1-11 siding features narrow, evenly spaced grooves on a rough-finished board for a pastoral appearance. Pressure treated for above ground applications, T1-11 siding features grooves spaced either 4″ or 8″ on-center to provide options for achieving the look you desire for your home, shed or pump house.

Who makes t1 11 siding?

A Variety of Styles APA Rated Siding products are manufactured from a number of different species and are available in configurations such as reverse board and batten, T1-11, channel groove and other common finishes.

Is t1 11 waterproof?

If you want a siding that is economical for an outside utility shed, then T1-11 siding can’t be beaten. Because it is vulnerable to moisture and therefore can damage easily, you’ll need to weatherproof it when you install it on such a building.

What is better than t111?

LP SmartSide vs. T1-11 siding? Though T1-11 siding is durable and improves the support of the structure, it requires much more maintenance and needs to get refinished with stain every 3 to 5 years. LP SmartSide, meanwhile, requires far less maintenance and is more water resistant.

Does t1 11 need to be painted?

Unlike natural hardwood sidings, wherein painting or staining isn’t always needed, t1 11 sidings need to painted or primed at the time of installation—this is an unavoidable installation and maintenance expense.

How do you seal the bottom of t1 11 siding?

Cover the house framing with tar paper or house wrap before hanging T1-11 siding. Staple the paper horizontally to the studs, starting at the bottom of the wall and working up. Overlap each successive layer two or three inches over the top of the layer under it.

Can I put vinyl siding over t1 11?

Most experts suggest that vinyl siding be applied to a consistently flat, weatherproof surface. T1-11 fits that description; however, there are several factors to consider before installing new siding over it. The condition of the T1-11 should be examined carefully.

How long does t1 11 siding last?

20 yearsT1-11 siding is a very durable siding material and can last for more than 20 years if it is properly installed, regularly maintained, sealed with quality paint or stain, and protected from water and mold damage.

What sizes does t1 11 come in?

T1-11 plywood sheets are available in 48-by-96-inch or 48-by-120-inch sheets. Sheet thickness is either 3/8, 5/8 or 3/4 inch. T1-11 is available with a rough-surfaced, textured finish or a smooth, sanded finish.

Do you need plywood under t1 11 siding?

There are two types of T1-11 siding. Plywood and OSB (oriented strand board). … Plywood is stronger and will hold up in the weather a little better with either type though you’d need to put an excellent all-weather stain or paint to protect it.

What does t1 11 weigh?

Siding & MDO PanelsT1-11 Panel SidingLess Than 10 PcsWeight/Ea5/8″ 8″ OC 4 x 8$59.0448lbs5/8″ 8″ OC 4 x 9$93.3464lbs5/8″ 8″ OC 4 x 10$100.9166lbs7/16″ 8″ OC 4 x 8 OSB$66.7548lbs21 more rows•Oct 31, 2017