Quick Answer: Which Is Better Oswaal Or Arihant?

Which is better HC Verma or DC Pandey for NEET?

HC Verma is a concept builder and can be very helpful at time when you have started with your preparartions, as questions are much more lenghty and concept specific, but if you are at peak of your preparation, you need a book like DC Pandey, from which you can revise and practice quickly..

What is Educart?

EduCart is a children books arm of the parent group of Agrawal Publications group. Using latest design and content trends through our R&D office in London, EduCart has built a catalogue of high quality children books from Nursery to Class 10th that are sold pan-India.

Is Oswaal good for Class 10 CBSE maths?

The one question bank that came out as the leader of the pack was Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Mathematics. … This is definitely one of the best reference books for class 10 cbse.

Is Arihant good for NEET?

Answer. Most important for NEET/AIIMS is your NCERT books as these books include basic principles and concepts and provide accurate information. KEEP NCERT + ONE REFERNCE BOOK + MAXIMUM MCQS PRACTICE = Medical SEAT Apart from this, you can add upon it by following books. All book are good.

Which sample paper is best Oswal or Educart?

Oswal is best for sample questions ie its question banks (i recommend it personally because in case of sst this book has the mostly asked questions and yaa a good book to refer for maths , science and eng as well)And if your buying oswal question bank dont buy its sample papers because both have more than 75% questions …

Are sample papers useful?

Enhances Self Confidence – Sample papers help students analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on weaker sections. When students work on improving their weaker sections, they perform better with practising sample papers. This enhances their confidence and they do their best to get good marks.

Is Ncert enough for CBSE 10?

Is NCERT Sufficient for Class 10 Board? Is it feasible to rely upon NCERT books only? In short, the answer is ‘yes’. But you have to study a few supplementary books apart from NCERT books to score good marks in the examination.

Which book is best for basic maths class 10?

Mathematics for Class 10. 4.5. (5,344) … Mathematics For Class 10 (Examination 2020-2021) Paperback. 4.3. (109) … MATHMETICS BASICS CLASS 10. ₹420. ₹445. … Mathematics 10th Class. 4.3. (524) … MATHEMATICS CLASS X 2016 EDITION (English, Paperback, R D SHARMA) ₹520. … R D Sharma Mathmatics Class 10. 4.4. … R. D. Sharma Mathematics Class 10. 4.2.

What is the difference between sample paper and question bank?

Answer. Explanation: sample paper would give you an outlook of how the board exam paper would look like. Question bank, as the name suggests, has huge number of possible questions that could come in the boards but not in a test format.

Which sample paper is best for class 10 CBSE 2021?

Super 10 CBSE Class 10 Mathematics (Standard) 2021 Exam Sample Papers 3rd Edition: Vol. … Super 10 CBSE Class 10 Science 2021 Exam Sample Papers 3rd Edition: Vol. … Educart CBSE Sample Question Papers English Language & Literature Class 10 For 2021 (old pattern)More items…

Which is better MTG or arihant for boards?

Both the books are very good, Hoever Arihant NCERT books are more recommended as they contain relevant problems and saves time and is more appealing to majority of JEE aspirants.

Is Ncert fingertips Biology enough for NEET?

Is NCERT and MTG objective at your fingertips biology enough for 360/360 in NEET? This is not so. Even if you have covered all NCERT and other books but still this may vary because of the difficulty level of the question paper changes slightly every year.

Is Ncert FingerTips enough for NEET?

Although NCERT at Fingertips is a good book but as per my personal experiances, the level of question is not of the level of NEET. … The better option is to Study and Learn NCERT thoroughy and revice previous years paper and sample paper of NEET.

Which book is best Oswal or arihant?

Both Arihant and Oswaal are good but comparing them, Oswaal has a better range of questions. They also provide you with the best answer along with the toppers answers. They also provide the previous years papers. It will also help you understand the style of questioning of the board.

Are sample papers enough for boards?

Practicing from the sample and previous year papers is the best way. … For class 10th last 5-year papers of board exam are enough to practice for the final board exam. There are two board exam papers (CBSE) for each subject in class 10 because of SA1 and SA2. So you need to practice both SA1 and SA2.

How can I top in class 10?

Revise- as much as possible and practice to get a better grasp. Follow NCERT syllabus, finish your NCERT Math Book, and check NCERT solutions for clarity. Make a notebook for CBSE class 10 Math formulas, theorems, and short tricks. Practice graphs as it’s a scoring topic and you must not make any mistake here.

Which sample paper is best for class 10th?

Best seller. Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Science (Reduced Syllabus) (For 2021 Exam) … Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Mathematics (Standard) (Reduced Syllabus) (For 2021 Exam) by Oswaal Editorial Board. … Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Social Science (Reduced Syllabus) (For 2021 Exam) by Oswaal Editorial Board.

Is MTG good for NEET 2020?

undoubtedly mtg books the best companion for Neet preparation. They are the best complements of NCERT . … Month before NEET, mtg’s NEET explorer containing 20 previous year’s question and practice papers is of great help to NEET aspirants. And yes, unless and otherwise you clear your concepts of NCERT,mtg can’t help you.