Quick Answer: What Is A Word For Search?

What is opposite of willingly?

Opposite of willingly and without hesitation or reluctance.





What’s the word scramble?

Anagram scramble is a part of word scramble. Anagram scramble refers to words or phrases that are spelled by rearranging letters. The word ‘anagram’ means to discover hidden meanings by reading letters out of order. But when you play anagram scramble, you don’t have to find any hidden purpose as such.

What does tranquil mean?

calm, tranquil, serene, placid, peaceful mean quiet and free from disturbance. calm often implies a contrast with a foregoing or nearby state of agitation or violence. the protests ended, and the streets were calm again tranquil suggests a very deep quietude or composure.

What is the opposite word of lockdown?

open upThe opposite of lockdown is open up.

Is Word Search free?

Enjoy Word Search, the classic puzzle game with thousands of free puzzles!

How do you do a word search on a PDF?

Choose Edit > Find (Ctrl/Command+F). Type the text you want to search for in the text box on the Find toolbar. To replace text, click Replace With to expand the toolbar, then type the replacement text in the Replace With text box. Finds only occurrences of the complete word you type in the text box.

Is Tranquil positive or negative?

adjective. free from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet; calm: a tranquil country place. free from or unaffected by disturbing emotions; unagitated; serene; placid: a tranquil life.

What is the meaning of looking up?

looked up; looking up; looks up. Definition of look up (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to cheer up look up—things are not all bad. 2 : to improve in prospects or conditions business is looking up.

What does the word search mean?

A word search, word find, word seek, word sleuth or mystery word puzzle is a word game that consists of the letters of words placed in a grid, which usually has a rectangular or square shape. … Many word search puzzles have a theme to which all the hidden words are related such as food, animals, or colors.

search(v) Antonyms: pretermit, disregard, abandon, misinvestigate. Synonyms: inspect, explore, scrutinize, seek, investigate, inquire.

What is word search good for?

Word Searches Keep the Mind Active While word searches may not seem like the most stimulating activities, they can do some good for aging brains. Because the process for solving a word search is to look at the “clue” of a few letters to find a word, this activity can help seniors sharpen their reasoning skills.

Use a finger or the (capped) end of your pen or pencil to help guide your search. Do a circle search around letters to see whether they lead on to the next letter in the word you’re looking for. Use a highlighter pen or light-colored pencil if you want to mark on top of the words you find.

What is the difference between a crossword puzzle and a word search?

Word Search Puzzles are Visual, Whereas Crossword Puzzles are Mental. Word Search Involves Finding a Provided Word, Whereas Crossword Involves Guessing/Figuring Out the Word.

Does playing word games help your brain?

They found that the individuals who engaged in word puzzles had consistently better short-term memory, reasoning, and attentiveness than those who did not engage in such activities.

What is another word for looking up?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for look up, like: research, get-better, find, look, advance, progress, lookups, come-upon, improve, discover and search.

What does searchable mean?

Capable of being searchedsearchable(Adjective) Capable of being searched, especially something that has an automated search function included.