Quick Answer: What Does Whatchamacallit Mean?

Is whatchamacallit a real word?

Whatchamacallit, a shortened version of “what you may call it”, may refer to: Whatchamacallit, a placeholder name used for something whose name is unknown.

Whatchamacallit (candy), a candy bar made by The Hershey Company..

What does baffle mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to defeat or check (someone) by confusing or puzzling : to confuse or frustrate completely : disconcert Her behavior baffled her parents. 2 : to check or break the force or flow of by or as if by a baffle (see baffle entry 2) baffle the steam.

What is whatchamacallit stand for?

informal. : something that is hard to classify or whose name is unknown or forgotten : thingamajig …

Do hickeys hurt?

No, hickeys don’t cause cancer, and they aren’t dangerous. A hickey is a bruise that forms when a person sucks and lightly bites an area on another person’s body, causing the blood vessels under the skin to break. While some people enjoy giving or getting hickeys, other people may find them painful.

Does a hickey turn into a bruise?

Whether you call it a hickey or a love bite, it’s essentially a bruise. The suction from your partner’s mouth causes damage to the capillaries, which are small blood vessels under your skin. This damage causes your capillaries to leak blood, but the blood doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Is a whatchamacallit gluten free?

Sadly, the Whatchamacallit candy bar lists barley malt as one of its ingredients which is a gluten-containing ingredient. This means that Whatchamacallit candy bars are not gluten-free.

Is skedaddle a real word?

SKIDADDLE, often spelled skedaddle, is a word that has been bothering Jack Morrison of Sandymount, late of New York, as the country hairdressers used to say in their advertisements. The word’s history is what intrigues Mr M. … All of them say that the word is of unknown origin and not older than the 19th century.

What does flummoxed mean in English?

completely unable to understand: completely unable to understand : utterly confused or perplexed Then, perforce, his eyes returned to the highway as he headed for I-95 and South Carolina, the most flummoxed driver on the road.—

How do you spell crocodile?

English Language Learners Definition of crocodile: a large reptile that has a long body, thick skin, and a long, thin mouth with sharp teeth and that lives in the water in regions with hot weather.: the skin of the crocodile used for making shoes and others products.More items…

Who is the Whatcha ma call it on masked singer?

Lonzo BallUpdate: Fans did not see this reveal coming! On Nov. 18, it was revealed that NBA point guard and rapper Lonzo Ball was the voice behind Whatchamacallit on The Masked Singer Season 4.

What does bemuse mean?

1 : to make confused : puzzle, bewilder. 2 : to occupy the attention of : distract, absorb has bemused audiences around the world.

What does Bebother mean?

Verb. bebother (third-person singular simple present bebothers, present participle bebothering, simple past and past participle bebothered) To bring trouble upon. The lady did not want to bebother her stylist for an extravagant dress design.

Where did whatchamacallit come from?

Whatchamacallit bars were first introduced in 1978. The name was devised by Sallie Grayson, the writer of STUFFED: Adventures of a Restaurant Family when she was the associate creative director at Doyle Dane & Bernbach and was in charge of new brands on the Hershey account.

How do you spell whatchamacallit?

Whachamacallit is a very informal word for an object whose name you don’t know, have forgotten, or can’t recall at the moment. It’s also commonly spelled whatchamacallit. Similar terms are what-do-you-call-it and whaddyacallit.

What is a Dew Hickey?

Doohickey is a very informal word for an object whose name you don’t know, have forgotten, or can’t recall at the moment. … There are several other similarly informal words that are used in the same way, including doodad, dingus, thingy, thingamajig, thingamabob, whachamacallit, and whatsit.