Quick Answer: What Are The Qualities Of Batman?

What disorder does Batman have?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder That Batman has the condition of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder does not need too much of an explanation.

He may not show the classic signs of the condition, but he is definitely obsessed..

What makes Batman a superhero?

By the standards set forward by dictionary definition of superhero, Batman is a SUPER hero. Batman possesses no special powers so he’s not a superpowered hero. But he has saved so many people and done so many incredible things that his “hero status” is super.

What is Bruce Wayne’s personality?

Personality… brave, selfless, and mysterious. Bruce Wayne has a dark past that gives him a shadowy demeanor despite his good intentions. He would do anything for the people of Gotham, even if that means he has to turn himself in to save them.

Is Batman the strongest human?

Batman is the Peak of Human Perfection, meaning his Strength is 10x Stronger than any Olympic Athlete that ever lived. In terms of brute strength, Batman is one of the strongest non-metahumans alive.

What can kill Batman?

10 Marvel Characters That Could Beat Batman Without Breaking A Sweat (And 10 That Batman Could Take Down)1 BEATS BATMAN: BLACK PANTHER.2 BATMAN BEATS: THE HULK. … 3 BEATS BATMAN: IRON MAN. … 4 BATMAN BEATS: DOCTOR OCTOPUS. … 5 BEATS BATMAN: WOLVERINE. … 6 BATMAN BEATS: CAPTAIN AMERICA. … 7 BEATS BATMAN: DEADPOOL. … More items…•

Who is Batman scared of?

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s Phobia To Bats Explained, And How He Could Get Over It… We know Batman has a deep and abiding fear of bats, but what does his phobia really mean, what is going on behind his fear and what can he do about it?

Is Batman Good or bad?

The Joker is a man who commits unspeakable evil in order to do ultimate good – he wants Gotham to have a hero. And Batman is a man who commits heroic deeds to cause unspeakable evil. They are inverse and opposite one another. So there it is, Batman is a villain who thinks he’s a hero.

What are Batman’s characteristics?

Batman’s primary character traits can be summarized as “wealth; physical prowess; deductive abilities and obsession”. The details and tone of Batman comic books have varied over the years due to different creative teams.

What is Batman’s weakness?

Batman’s no-kill rule is the foundation of his character, but has put him in great perils. Batman’s greatest weaknesses such as his humanity, vulnerability, and moralities – while weakening him – are also his greatest strengths.

What is the Joker’s weakness?

Joker’s weakness is his pride and need to be in the spotlight. True that Batman is the one audience member he can always count on, but the show is not just for him. Joker plans his heists and jokes with the intention of everyone in Gotham (and hopefully the world) will see it and know that Joker did this.

Who is the most fearless superhero?

Thor- He is the prince of Asguard, the god of thunder. Fear is not in his godly DNA. … Wolverine- Even though this guy has regeneration powers he still experiences pain. … Hulk- Well nothing much to say here.Batman- What makes batman unique is his will-power.

How is Batman so rich?

Batman is rich (or extremely wealthy) mainly because of his families companies. Batman or Bruce Wayne’s father owned some very lucrative businesses in Gotham City that ended up making him a very wealthy man. The Wayne industries were the life blood of the city and they brought in a lot of money for the Wayne family.