Quick Answer: What Are Good Questions To Ask Your Grandparents?

What questions to ask your parents before they die?

Questions to Ask Your Parents Before They DieWhat were your nicknames growing up?Can you tell me a little about your siblings?Who were you closest to in your immediate family?What were your parent(s) or caregiver(s) like when you were growing up?What lessons were stressed in your household?How was family conflict resolved?How was love expressed?More items….

What should you not say to a dying person?

What not to say to someone who is dyingDon’t ask ‘How are you?’ … Don’t just focus on their illness. … Don’t make assumptions. … Don’t describe them as ‘dying’ … Don’t wait for them to ask.

What to tell a dying person?

Tips for Talking with Someone Who is DyingTip # 1: Follow the dying person’s lead. … Tip #2: If possible, be clear that you know the end is nearing. … Tip #3: Deal with regrets by saying, “Please forgive me.” … Tip #4: Free yourself of hard feelings by saying, “I forgive you.” … Tip #5: Appreciate the person’s legacy by saying, “Thank you.”More items…

What do you say to a dying parent?

And for a dying parent, I suggest a quiet moment for each child with them to tell each other the things they valued about one another, the things they regret, any apologies they may need to make, and something they will always be grateful for.”

What questions does Storyworth ask?

Our questionsWhat was your first reaction when you found out you had been drafted into the army?Have you ever sleep walked or sleep talked?How did you rebel as a child?What were you like as a teenager?As a child, were you closer to your father or your mother?More items…

What can I talk to my grandma about?

Questions to start a conversation with grandparents.Do you have a holiday tradition? … Were you named after a family member or does your name have a special meaning?Do you have a nickname that your siblings or friends call you? … Where were you born? … How did your family spend time together when you were young?More items…•

How do you say goodbye death?

How to Say Goodbye to Dying Love OneDon’t wait. … Be honest about the situation. … Offer reassurance. … Keep talking. … It’s okay to laugh. … Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care provides support to terminally ill patients and their loved ones.

What should I ask a 10 year old?

9 Cool Questions to Ask Your KidWhat do you know how to do that you can teach to others?If you could be a sound, what would it be?What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?What do you think your life will be like in the future?What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?Who is your best friend and why?More items…

What to say to your grandparents before they die?

Thank you for the stories you shared as an in-house historian — letting us know what the world was like when you were growing up — and where your values came from. Thank you for being there. Thank you for the unconditional love. Thank you for all your contributions to the world, no matter how great or small.”

What are some questions to ask your family?

These are sure to get your relatives talking!Do you share a name with someone else in the family?Did you have a nickname growing up? … Have you had a nickname as an adult?When and where were you born?What was your parents’ and grandparents’ religion?Do you follow a religion?Where was your first house?More items…•

What questions should I ask my grandma?

20 Questions to Ask Your GrandmaWhat is your full name, and what are the names of your parents and siblings?How did your parents choose your name, and does it have a special meaning?Did you have any nicknames?When and where were you born?When and where were your family members born?More items…•

How do you engage your grandparents?

But if you’re looking for ways to engage your kids with their grandparents, try some of these ideas:The Social Distancing Dinner. … Read a Book Together. … Online Games. … Texting and email. … The Post Office. … Video Chat. … Take an Online Class Together. … Create Online Artwork Together.

Why does a dying person linger?

When a person’s body is ready and wanting to stop, but the person is still unresolved or unreconciled over some important issue or with some significant relationship, he or she may tend to linger in order to finish whatever needs finishing even though he or she may be uncomfortable or debilitated.

What organs shut down first when dying?

An overviewLoss of appetite. The first organ system to “close down” is the digestive system. … Loss of awareness. Conscious awareness is often the next system to close down. … Hearing and touch remain. … Heart and lungs are last.

Does dying hurt?

Reality: Pain is not an expected part of the dying process. In fact, some people experience no pain whatsoever. If someone’s particular condition does produce any pain, however, it can be managed by prescribed medications. Myth: Not drinking leads to painful dehydration.

What are the first signs of your body shutting down?

You may notice their:Eyes tear or glaze over.Pulse and heartbeat are irregular or hard to feel or hear.Body temperature drops.Skin on their knees, feet, and hands turns a mottled bluish-purple (often in the last 24 hours)Breathing is interrupted by gasping and slows until it stops entirely.

What are some good questions to ask an elderly person?

Questions about getting olderWhat are the most rewarding things about getting older? Is it a lifetime of knowledge? … What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life? … Who has influenced you the most? … What life advice would you pass along? … If you could go back to any age, what would it be?

What questions to ask your friends?

71 Good Questions To Ask Your Best FriendsWhat embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?Who do you look up to the most, and what qualities do you love about that person?What would be your perfect day? … What’s your biggest fear?How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?What’s your all-time favorite memory?More items…•