Quick Answer: Is Morden In Surrey Or London?

How safe is South Wimbledon?

South Wimbledon is where the cheapest accommodation can be found, though the area has a slightly rougher feel than Wimbledon town centre.

Don’t be scared off however, the borough of Merton has one of the lowest crime rates in London..

Is Merton a nice place to live?

Merton is one of the safest boroughs in London, with an average crime rate of 66 crimes per 1000 people – similar to the England average, and significantly lower that the London average. Disorder and Theft are particularly low here, while burglary rates are similar to the London average.

What is the most affluent part of London?

1 The following are the top five most expensive neighborhoods in London as of March 2020.Knightsbridge. Knightsbridge is one of the poshest neighborhoods in the world. … West Brompton. … Chelsea. … Kensington. … City of Westminster.

How far is Morden from Wimbledon?

2 milesThe distance between Morden South and Wimbledon is 2 miles.

Is Wimbledon Common Safe?

But a Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators spokeswoman said: “Considering where we are there are very few incidents like this on the Common and people are usually safe. “But when people are in any kind of urban location as we are in south west London they have got to be aware of their surroundings.”

Is Wimbledon a good area to live in?

Wimbledon has been named one of the 10 best places to live in London in 2020 by The Sunday Times. … Wimbledon Park, close to the All England Lawn Tennis Club, is also listed as a local draw, for its extensive range of sports facilities – and a current petition to allow wild swimming it the lake.

What does Morden mean?

English: habitational name from Morden in Dorset or Surrey, Guilden or Steeple Morden in Cheshire, or Moredon in Wiltshire, all of which were named in Old English as ‘hill (dun) in marshland (mor)’.

What zone is Colliers Wood?

Colliers Wood is a London Underground station in South London. The station is on the Northern line, between Tooting Broadway and South Wimbledon stations. It is located at the corner of Merton High Street (A24) and Christchurch Road. The station is in Travelcard Zone 3.

Is Morden a safe place to live?

Residents survey by Merton Council has revealed the difference in perceptions of people living in Wimbledon to Mitcham and Morden. … 82 per cent of residents said they felt safe at night in Mitcham and Morden, compared to 88 per cent in Wimbledon.

How far is Morden from London?

Morden is a district and town in south London, England, within the London Borough of Merton. It is around 8 miles (13 km) south-southwest of Charing Cross….MordenMorden Location within Greater LondonPopulation48,233OS grid referenceTQ255685London boroughMerton16 more rows

Is Mitcham in London or Surrey?

Mitcham is a popular district of south London in the London Borough of Merton. It’s centred just over seven miles (11.5 km) south-west of Charing Cross. Regarded as a suburb, it’s on the border be-tween Inner London and Outer London, and was historically in the county of Surrey.

What is it like to live in Mitcham London?

Once a Surrey town, Mitcham is now a suburb of London with good transport links to the centre, and to other areas like Croydon or Wimbledon by a relatively new tram. It’s a family-friendly area, with a high percentage of residents who are children, affordable family homes, and excellent access to green space.

Is Morden London safe?

It’s definitely safe around there, much quieter than a lot of London as you’re fairly far out but can still get into the city quite easily. My friend has her DC in a school in Morden and she finds it good but things can obviously improve or get worse within the next few years.

What zone is Morden in?

Morden is a London Underground station in Morden in the London Borough of Merton. The station is the southern terminus for the Northern line and is the most southerly station on the Underground network. The next station north is South Wimbledon. The station is located on London Road (A24), and is in Travelcard Zone 4.

Is Wimbledon a rich area?

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon, London Wimbledon Village, where the world-famous sporting event takes place, has long been among the most prestigious addresses in London for wealthy families.

What zone is Wimbledon in?

The station is in Travelcard Zone 3. It is 7 miles 19 chains (11.6 km) from London Waterloo on the South Western main line.

Which part of London is Morden?

London Borough of MertonMorden is a district in the London Borough of Merton. It is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) South-southwest of central London between Merton Park (to the north), Mitcham (to the east), Sutton (to the south) and Worcester Park (to the west).

Is Morden up and coming?

Morden is too often known as being, ‘that place at the end of the Northern Line’ but with the coming of 24 hour underground train services and the increased awareness of its easy access into Wimbledon, the West End, The City and key commercial areas of Surrey, Morden is an up and coming area that has seen a 25% …

Is Worcester Park nice?

Worcester Park looks busy but is nice & safe. If you look further south there’s Cheam, especially the village/southern part, or Ewell West. Good schools, safe and sedate but not too suburban.

What zone is Mitcham?

Mitcham Junction is a National Rail station served by Southern and Thameslink trains, and a Tramlink stop. It is in the London Borough of Merton and is in Travelcard Zone 4. The station opened on 1 October 1868.