Quick Answer: How Many Rides Are On A $10 MetroCard?

How many rides is a $20 MetroCard?

After two rides, you’ll be left with just $0.28 on your card.

Then, say you add $20 to that card.

With the MTA bonus, you will really get $21, and your new balance will be $21.28..

Can I buy a MetroCard with EBT?

If you are eligible for Fair Fares NYC, the City will give you a special Fair Fares NYC MetroCard (FFM). … You can use cash at subway station booths and cash, debit or credit card, or your EBT card at MTA MetroCard vending machines to add time or value to your FFM.

Can you share an unlimited MetroCard?

Unlimited Ride MetroCards: – These passes are only good for one person, they cannot be shared. Once swiped you cannot use the card again for another 18 mins.

How much is a MetroCard for a year?

Annual Transit Card The $1.25 administrative fee for this plan is paid by the City. Your pre-tax payroll deductions for this plan will be as follows: Monthly: $127.00 (same as the cost of the MTA NYCT 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard). Bi-weekly and semi-monthly: $63.50.

How much money should I put on my MetroCard?

Last year, Ben Wellington from data analysis blog I Quant NY found the perfect amount to add to your MetroCard so you can get an exact number of rides and you’re never missing a train because you’re a few cents short.

How do you bend a free ride on MetroCard?

First, get yourself an empty two-trip MetroCard and swipe it at the turnstile. Next, bend the bottom right corner of the card towards the magnetic strip and swipe the card two consecutive times. Unbend the card, swipe two more times, and on the second swipe, the machine will let you pass.

How many times can you use an unlimited MetroCard in a day?

Unlimited Ride fares cannot be used more than once every 18 minutes. This is designed to prevent fraudulent use of the card by multiple people. Subway station agents cannot override the 18-minute rule—you must wait for the time to expire.

How do I get a discount MetroCard?

Apply for a Reduced-Fare MetroCard. When you’re applying, you can sign up for an EasyPay option. When you create your EasyPay account, you’ll link a credit or debit card. You start your account with $10.

How much does a monthly MetroCard cost 2020?

On April 21, the price of a weekly MetroCard will rise to $33, up from $32. A monthly pass will increase to $127, up from $121. The fare increase vote comes as state lawmakers decide whether to approve new revenue streams for the system.

How much is an unlimited metro card?

Unlimited ride MetroCard: Pay a set amount—$33 for a week, or $127 for a month—and you can ride the subway as often as you like.

How much is a 10 ride MetroCard?

MetroCards produced specifically for use on the JFK AirTrain service to/from JFK Airport are available. These MetroCard products are the $7.75 AirTrain MetroCard (Effective November 1, 2019): $25 10-Trip AirTrain MetroCard, and $40 30-Day AirTrain Unlimited Ride MetroCard.

How much is a MetroCard swipe?

Types of MetroCards and what they cost. Cost per swipe: $2.75. You put a dollar value on the card and pay $2.75 at the beginning of each trip. The minimum balance for new cards is $5.50, the cost of two swipes.

What is a 2 trip MetroCard?

$5.50 Two-Trip MetroCard Two rides on local bus or subway and free transfer. Pre-Valued $11.00 MetroCard 4 local bus and subway rides and free transfers.

Is unlimited MetroCard worth it?

According to our math, an unlimited ride MetroCard will still be worth the $33 if you ride the subway or bus more than 12 times per week. … The 30-day unlimited card is worth the price if you take the subway or local bus more than 46 times per month.

Does a MetroCard expire?

Whether Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride, every MetroCard has an expiration date. … The expiration date is usually about one year from the date of purchase. If your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard expires, you have two years from the expiration date to transfer any remaining money to a new card.

Can I swipe my MetroCard for someone else?

It’s Legal to Swipe Your Fellow New Yorkers Through With Your MetroCard. … But New Yorkers are still free to swipe in their fellow straphangers at turnstiles. It’s not illegal to use your MetroCard to help another rider gain access to the system, the NYPD and the MTA said, as long as you’re not charging for the swipe.

How long do you have to wait between subway swipes?

18 minutesUnlimited Ride MetroCard Cannot be used again at the same subway station or the same bus route for at least 18 minutes. Cannot be used by or transferred to another person until the completion of a trip for which entry was obtained.