Quick Answer: How Do You Stop Excel From Opening Minimized Documents When Opening A New Document?

Why is my Excel file minimized?

Your settings could be that opening the files opens them to a minimized tab.

RT click the Excel icon on your desktop (if you have one) and select properties, Run.

From that drop down choose Maximised then click apply.

Let me know if that helps..

How do I stop Windows from automatically maximizing When I drag?

To turn this feature off simply open up the Control Panel, then the Ease of Access Center. Click on the section called Make the mouse easier to use and check the box next to Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.

Why does my Excel Open in a tiny window?

Open a new Excel spreadsheet. When it opens as a restored window(small), place your mouse cursor to the corners of the Excel window and drag to the ends of the screen to show Excel in full screen. Close the Excel window and now try to open Excel and check.

Why does my Excel open in a small window?

Resize Excel window by dragging the double ended arrow which appears in the corner of the application. Close and re-open Excel and verify the result. Right click Excel icon > go to Properties > under Run > select Maximized > OK and try opening Excel and verify the result. Hope this helps.

How do I get Excel to open in full screen?

To do so, click the arrow at the end of the Quick Access Toolbar, and then choose More Commands. Within the Excel Options dialog box select Commands Not in the Ribbon, and then scroll down to Toggle Full Screen View.

How do I get Word to open in full screen?

Use a Keyboard Shortcut To View Word Full Screen While you’re viewing a document in the normal mode and you want to make it full-screen, simply press the Alt + V keys at the same time on your keyboard. Then immediately press the U button on your keyboard and your document takes up your entire screen.

How do you prevent minimized Excel documents from expanding when I open another document?

Navigate: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > Word. Document. 12 > shell > open > command > then double click on “(Default)”. Click OK and your problem should now be fixed!

How do I stop windows from opening minimized?

Click the “Advanced” tab in the System Properties window and click the “Settings” button under Performance. Uncheck the “Animate windows when minimizing or maximizing” option here and click “OK”.

Why is my Word document so small?

Hover your mouse over the body of the document and then hold one of the Ctrl keys down while rotating the mouse wheel. This will adjust the zoom factor. A zoom slider should also be available in the lower right of the Word 2010 Starter application window.

How do I get Word to open maximized?

Maximizing the program on launch Locate the Run: section, and then click the down arrow on the right side (red circle). In the drop-down menu that appears, choose Maximized (B). Click Apply (C), and then OK (D).

How do I stop Word from opening minimized documents when opening a new document?

Click on the tab labeled “Shortcut.” There will be a field labeled “Run” with the options of Maximized, minimized, and normal window. Select the “Maximized” option. Click “Ok” and the properties window will close. Close Word if it hasn’t been closed and restart.

How do you stop full screen from minimizing?

How to resolve constant minimizing of full-screen games in Windows 10Check GPU drivers for latest updates.Kill background applications.Disable Game Mode.Disable Action Center notifications.Run as admin and in a different compatibility mode.Give game’s process a higher CPU priority.Disable dual-GPU.Scan for viruses.More items…•