Question: Who Owns Traxxas RC?

What is the best Traxxas RC car?

Top 10 Extreme Performance Cars & Trucks90076-4 Hoss 4X4 VXL.

85076-4 Unlimited Desert Racer.

67076-4 Rustler 4X4 VXL.

24076-4 Bandit VXL.

68077-4 Slash 4X4 Ultimate.

83076-4 4-Tec 2.0 VXL.

53097-3 Revo 3.3.

The Revo 3.3 stands alone as the pinnacle of nitro monster truck performance.

64077-3 XO-1.

XO-1.More items….

What traxxas to buy?

Top 6 Traxxas RC Cars for 2020Traxxas Maxx 4S.Traxxas X-Maxx 8S.Traxxas Slash.Traxxas Rustler.Traxxas Stampede 4×4.Traxxas TRX-4.

Who is the CEO of Traxxas?

Mike Jenkins (1986–)Traxxas/CEOAs the owner of Traxxas, The Fastest Name In Radio Control®, Mike has spent a lifetime around radio-controlled racing cars and trucks, and fulfilled his passion for full-size motorsports with forays into motocross, drag racing, and later, road racing with Corvettes, Miatas and other sports cars.

Is traxxas Made in USA?

“Traxxas is located in Plano, Texas. We create, design, and manufacture hobby-class radio controlled cars, trucks, and boats in both nitro and electric categories.

Is traxxas going out of business?

“Beginning in 2019, Horizon Hobby will no longer be distributing Traxxas products. … This past Friday, Horizon Hobby informed retailers they will no longer be offering Traxxas products, starting the beginning of 2019.

What is traxxas net worth?

Traxxas has an estimated net worth of about $1.48 million.

Which is better traxxas or Arrma?

Most of the Arrma cars run on a 6s system out of the box, while the Traxxas cars mostly run 3s out of the box. But the Traxxas is still about the same speed because they are lighter and more aerodynamic. Another advantage of the Traxxas cars is the steering is much faster and the battery lasts much longer.

What does Traxxas VXL mean?

Velineon Brushless Power SystemVXL = Velineon Brushless Power System. It is the most powerful series of motors and speed controls from Traxxas for reaching high speeds with their cars and trucks.

Is traxxas worth the money?

The thing is, Traxxas offers a lot more performance, durability, power, and speed than any other RC brand. So, yes, for the quality they offer, Traxxas is worth the money. … Traxxas produces some of the most durable RC cars on the market, saving users from having to replace their RC vehicle every other month.

What is the cheapest Traxxas RC?

Top 10 RC Cars and Trucks Under $25037054-1 Rustler. … 58034-1 Slash. … 70054-1 1/16 Slash. … 36034-1 BIGFOOT® No. … 83024-4 4-Tec 2.0 Chassis. … 71054-1 E-Revo. … LaTrax Rally, Teton, & Desert PreRunner. … Ford Mustang and Ford GT.More items…

Is traxxas a good brand?

Traxxas offers high-quality to its customers. While the cars might be a bit pricier than most brands, their durability and innovation make it worth every penny.

Where is traxxas warehouse?

McKinneyTraxxas is the world’s leading manufacturer of radio controlled (RC) vehicles. Based in McKinney, Texas, Traxxas offers on-road and off-road electric and nitro powered cars, trucks, and buggys as well as boats, and aircraft for drivers of all skill levels.