Question: What Type Of Word Is Field?

Is field a verb or noun?


fielded; fielding; fields.

Definition of field (Entry 3 of 6) transitive verb.

1a : to catch or pick up (something, such as a batted ball) and usually throw to a teammate Practice fielding ground balls as much as you can..

What is industry simple words?

An industry is a group of manufacturers or businesses that produce a particular kind of goods or services. … Industry comes from the Latin industria, which means “diligence, hard work,” and the word is still used with that meaning.

What is an industry very short answer?

Define industry. Answer: The industry refers to economic activity that is concerned with the production of goods, extraction of minerals, or the provision of services. … Industries are classified according to the raw material used, size, and ownership. Expand the abbreviation AMUL.

Is Zn a field?

Zn is a ring, which is an integral domain (and therefore a field, since Zn is finite) if and only if n is prime. For if n = rs then rs = 0 in Zn; if n is prime then every nonzero element in Zn has a multiplicative inverse, by Fermat’s little theorem 1.3. 4.

What part of speech is field?

part of speech: transitive verb. inflections: fields, fielding, fielded.

What type of word is industry?

noun, plural in·dus·tries for 1, 2, 7. the aggregate of manufacturing or technically productive enterprises in a particular field, often named after its principal product: the automobile industry; the steel industry. any general business activity; commercial enterprise: the Italian tourist industry.

What makes something a field?

Classic definition Formally, a field is a set F together with two binary operations on F called addition and multiplication.

Is z4 a field?

Note that this is not the same as Z4, since among other things Z4 is not a field. … By definition, the elements of a field satisfy exactly the same algebraic axioms as the real numbers. As a result, everything you know about algebra for real numbers translates directly to algebra for the elements of any field.

Is field a collective noun?

Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of collective nouns with a related noun and link to the main category….FIELD 2.Collective NounNounField 2Runners 1Collective NounNoun1 more row

What is the mean of field?

noun. an expanse of open or cleared ground, especially a piece of land suitable or used for pasture or tillage. Sports. a piece of ground devoted to sports or contests; playing field. (in betting) all the contestants or numbers that are grouped together as one: to bet on the field in a horse race.

What is the another name of field?

Field Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for field?greenmeadowcommonplainsgrassplotheathlandparklandpampasopen spaceplaying field54 more rows

What is the noun of field?

field. a land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country. the open country near or belonging to a town or city (usually used in plural)

What are the 4 types of industries?

There are four types of industry. These are primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary.

What is field with example?

The set of real numbers and the set of complex numbers each with their corresponding addition and multiplication operations are examples of fields. However, some non-examples of a fields include the set of integers, polynomial rings, and matrix rings.