Question: What Is The IS Code Of Ultratech Premium Cement?

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 cement?

Type 1 is a general use cement.

Type 2 – Is used for structures in water or soil containing moderate amounts of sulfate, or when heat build-up is a concern.

Type 3 – High early strength.

Type 4 – Low heat portland cement..

What is UltraTech premium cement?

UltraTech Premium is a concrete special cement, produced in UltraTech’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with carefully selected premium ingredients to deliver to the customer cement that produces both exceptionally strong as well as exceptionally durable concrete.

Is UltraTech OPC or PPC?

Ultratech and Grade: PPC and OPC ULTRATECH CEMENT, 50 KGPackaging Size50 KGBrandUltratechGradePPC , OPC , SUPERPackaging TypeBagCement GradeGrade 43, Grade 531 more row

Which is the best cement for RCC?

OPC 53 Grade cement is recommended in all RCC structures like footing, column, beam and slabs, where ever initial and ultimate strength is the major structural requirement.

Which is the No 1 cement in India?

UltraTech Cement LtdA list of the Indian largest cement companies ranked by Revenue and Market ShareRankIndian Cement CompanyMarket share %1UltraTech Cement Ltd21.402Ambuja Cements Ltd6.203ACC Ltd6.004Shree Cement Ltd7.006 more rows•Jul 19, 2020

What are the 5 types of cement?

Different Types Of CementOrdinary Portland Cement (OPC) … Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) … Rapid Hardening Cement. … Extra Rapid Hardening Cement. … Low Heat Cement. … Sulfates Resisting Cement. … Quick Setting Cement. … Blast Furnace Slag Cement.More items…•

What is premium cement?

Premium Cement is a high quality general purpose cement which is used in a wide range of applications across the United Kingdom. … A small quantity of gypsum is added to this clinker before grinding to produce the final fine powder – Premium Cement.

How can I check my grade in UltraTech Cement?

Reference IS code number should be printed on the cement bag. For example, if you have ordered OPC 53 grade cement, then “IS-12269-1987” should be printed on the cement bag, and if you have ordered Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), “IS 1489-1991” should be printed on the cement bags.

Which cement is best for roof?

Use of OPC 53 grade and PPC ( Portland pozzolana cement) is the best cement for roof dhalai and for all type of RCC structure like footing,slab, beam and column.

Which cement is best ACC or UltraTech?

Here, UltraTech cement has highest capacity as compared to other players and hence has first rank. On the other hand, ACC having 33.4 MTPA capacity has highest capacity utilization of 33.4% and hence has scored highest points.

Which cement is best for plaster?

There are three main Cement Grades from which you can choose. These are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) available in the market. OPC is available in two grades — 43 and 53. Both grades are considered best for plastering work.

Is Duraguard cement good?

Ordinary cement particles allow seepage of water and chloride, making a structure weak from inside. With the unique Void Reduction Technology, Duraguard increases the strength and density of concrete and stops the attack of harmful elements. Therefore, houses made with Duraguard are strong from inside and last forever.

What is the grade of UltraTech super cement?

Ultratech Super Cement, Grade: Grade 53, Packing Size: 50 KgGradeGrade 53Packaging Size50kgPackaging TypeHDPE BagsPacking Size50 KgBrandUltratech

Which cement is better 43 grade or 53 grade?

The fineness in cement generates early gain in strength, but along with high heat of hydration. … OPC 43 grade cement is generally used for non-structural works like plastering flooring etc. Whereas OPC 53 grade cement is used in the projects which require higher strength like concrete bridges, runways RCC works etc.

How can we identify 53 grade cement?

Particular IS code number should be printed on the cement bag. i.e. if you have ordered OPC 53 grade cement, then “IS-12269-1987” should be printed on the cement bag; and if you have ordered Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), “IS 1489 – 1 -1991″ & “IS 1489 – 2 -1991” should be printed on the cement bags.