Question: How Much Is The Amsterdam Tram?

Is the Amsterdam travel ticket worth it?

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is useful if you plan to head out of Amsterdam and visit such places like Keukenhof, the Waterland villages (Volendam, Edam, Marken), the windmills at Zaanse Schans, the beaches at Bloemendaal and Zandvoort or the historic city of Haarlem..

What part of Amsterdam should I stay in?

Oud Zuid (South) – Where to Stay in Amsterdam on a Budget. A major tourist area yet with lower accommodation prices then other parts of the city centre, this is the best area to stay in Amsterdam on a tight travel budget.

What time do the trams run till in Amsterdam?

The tram, metro and bus run from approximately 6AM until 12.30AM. During the night, you can use the limited service night buses. This service starts at approximately 1am. You can buy tickets as you board any bus, most trams or from the machines at any metro station.

How much is a single tram ticket in Amsterdam?

A single-use ticket is available in the tram or bus at a cost of €3.20. It is valid for up to one hour, during which you may transfer to other GVB bus- or tram lines.

How much is the train in Amsterdam?

Additionally, the ticket is valid for unlimited travel on all trams, buses (including night buses), metro and ferries operated by public transport operator GVB in Amsterdam itself. A one-day ticket costs €15; a two-day ticket costs €20; while a three-day ticket will be available as of spring 2015 costing €25.

Are trams free in Amsterdam?

You can buy tickets as you board any bus, most trams or from the machines at any metro station. These are however rather expensive, a single journey (actually you can travel for an hour with this ticket) in Amsterdam will cost €2.90 compared to around €1.20 if you pay by OV Chipkaart.

How do you buy tram tickets in Amsterdam?

One-hour tickets can be bought from the conductor or driver on the tram or bus. Day tickets can be bought on the tram or purchased in advance. Day cards can not be bought from the driver on the bus.

How long does it take to walk around Amsterdam?

2 hoursThis Free Amsterdam Walking Tour is Self-Guided – so how long it takes to complete depends on your pace, interest and number of extra stops. Visitors who follow our Amsterdam tour as it is written should allow at least 2 hours to complete the loop.

Is Amsterdam expensive for food and drink?

In spite of how expensive hotels in Amsterdam tend to be, it can be relatively affordable to eat and drink in Amsterdam. A cone of fresh fries in Dam Square, for example, is unlikely to run you more than four euro, while a glass of house wine at any nearby café will cost around three euro.

Is Amsterdam easy to walk around?

Amsterdam is a great city to try out solo travel for the first time. It’s clean, easy to walk around, and relatively safe. … I recommend taking some tours or staying at a hostel if you’ll be traveling solo as this is a great way to meet people.

Can you pay on the tram in Amsterdam?

You can buy 1 hour and 1 – 2 days tickets on board of the tram or bus. The driver doesn’t accept cash, you can only pay by credit card or contactless. You can purchase other types of tickets at GVB service points, vending machines and info counters.

Is Amsterdam public transport 24 hours?

Public Transportation – The GVB ( is in charge of all public transport for Amsterdam including the metro, the trams and the various bus services throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. You can choose between a 1-hour card or day cards, available for periods of 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours.

How much is a 3 day tram pass in Amsterdam?

Day tickets / Hourly ticketsTravel productPriceGVB 1 day / 24 hours€ 8.00GVB child ticket 1 day/24 hours€ 4.00GVB 2 days/48 hours€ 13.50GVB 3 days/72 hours€ 19.006 more rows

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam?

Boasting a whole range of transport opportunities, Amsterdam can take you where you need to go via a boat, bike, train, tram or bus. The cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam is walking but if you need to get somewhere fast, the use of an OV chip card is the answer.

How much is an Amsterdam travel ticket?

Three versions of the Amsterdam Travel Ticket are available: 1, 2 or 3-day. The price for the 1-day ticket is 17 euros, the 2-day ticket costs 22,50 euros and the 3-day ticket is 28 euros.