Question: Can A Person Be Elusive?

What does it mean when a person is elusive?

(ɪlusɪv ) adjective.

Something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, describe, remember, or achieve..

What is another word for elusive?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for elusive, like: evasive, fugitive, tricky, evanescent, sly, baffling, slippery, equivocal, obscure, intangible and fleeting.

What does elusive mean in football?

Elusiveness is the ability to break and avoid tackles. It doesn’t affect movement in any way other than when you juke or spin. Source: 15. share.

Which is the correct meaning for elusive as it is used in this sentence?

“The word “elusive” means, that something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, describe, remember, achieve,hard to grasp or retain mentally; baffling.” Explanation: For example: These days full time jobs are elusive and far from being on the merit system.

What does elusive dreams mean?

Something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, describe, remember, or achieve. adj.

What is the best definition of elusive?

The definition of elusive is being difficult to grasp or retain. An example of elusive is a difficult name to remember. adjective. 1.

What is the opposite of elusive?

Antonyms of ELUSIVE facing, honest, available, accessible, Encountering, tangible, approachable, understandable, easy, intelligible, stable, obtainable, definite, palpable, convenient, confronting, identifiable, Attracting, enticing, reachable, inviting, attainable, artless.

What does vague mean?

not clearly expressed1a : not clearly expressed : stated in indefinite terms vague accusations. b : not having a precise meaning a vague term of abuse. 2a : not clearly defined, grasped, or understood : indistinct only a vague notion of what’s needed also : slight a vague hint of a thickening waistline hasn’t the vaguest idea.

How do you use elusive in a sentence?

Elusive sentence examplesShe wanted something as elusive as the scent. … The answer appears as elusive for us as it did for Plato. … As lawyers are aware, reasonableness is a notoriously elusive concept. … Since 1866 he had been pursuing an elusive appearance of glory. … This is actually a common bird, but had proved surprisingly elusive.More items…

What is the best synonym for elusive?


What does aloof mean?

from worldly success(Entry 1 of 2) : removed or distant either physically or emotionally an aloof, unfriendly manner He stood aloof from worldly success.—

What word means something that is hard to detect?

unreachable. distant. elusive. out-of-the-way. difficult to get to.

What is the difference between elusive and illusive?

In summary: Something that is elusive avoids being caught, either physically by someone pursuing it, or mentally by someone trying to understand it. Something that is illusive is based on an illusion, on something that is not true or real.

What is an example of elusive?

It’s not easy, because mice are quick and elusive — they’re tough to catch. Rabbits are speedy, so they’re elusive too. Also, things that are tough to understand or describe are elusive — like the concepts of love and beauty. If you had an idea and then forgot it, the idea is elusive: it slipped away.

What does mooring mean?

1 : an act of making fast a boat or aircraft with lines or anchors. 2a : a place where or an object to which something (such as a craft) can be moored.